Which mobile data provider is best? (And will you make a switch)?

February 10, 2015
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Which mobile data provider is best? (And will you make a switch)?

What do you use a smartphone for most? For its data, of course. So we set out for the second year in a row to find out which mobile service provider gives you the most comprehensive and reliable data network coverage, the fastest upload and download speeds, and overall, the most bang for the buck.

We did this by turning to the people who actually use the services — you and other Computerworld readers. We conducted a 5-week-long online survey in the fall of 2014 asking smartphone users to rate their providers in a variety of categories: average upload speeds, average download speeds, availability of connection, reliability of connection, performance relative to cost, technical support, selection of phone models and customer service/billing.

Respondents were given five choices for each category: very satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, dissatisfied and very dissatisfied. We tallied the results from our 652 respondents and came up with the winners and the losers — including a new leader in customer satisfaction.

The vast majority of our survey respondents — 90% — use one of the four most popular U.S. cellular service carriers: 39% use Verizon Wireless, 27% use AT&T, 13% use T-Mobile and 11% use Sprint. But while those are the only providers we’ve actually rated in this story, we did use all survey responses (including those from customers of smaller carriers) when tallying overall satisfaction results, mobile data use and other general statistics. (For detailed information about the survey and how we crunched the numbers, see “How the survey was conducted and graded.”)


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