Top Mentors for Real Estate Training and Education

March 9, 2015
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Top Mentors for Real Estate Training and Education

It may seem as if everyone near and far is a real estate professional these days, but if you want an advantage for the best training possible, it is best to find a mentor to work with or aspire to be like Than Merrill.

Why? The reason is simple. They’ve done it already. Mentors have gone through the troubling times and learned from their mistakes. There’s a learning curve in any profession that a mentor can help to shorten. Wouldn’t it be much better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own?

Saying this, there would be no reason to follow someone who wasn’t a success in what they do. The best way to find a real estate mentor is by being trained by someone or a company that has a proven track record. But with the influx of infomercials and fads, how will you know what to look for when finding a mentor in real estate?

The fact is, you want proven methods. Don’t follow the latest television ad or video on YouTube. For instance, Craig Proctor Seminars has over twenty five years of experience behind them. He has one of the most successful real estate trainings available. To prove his company is worthy, he offers half day seminars for free to the first two hundred students. The fact is there are over thirty thousand realtors who have taken his course.

Larry Goins is another real estate investor to follow. You can try out his methods with a free book he offers online if you download the digital one. He specializes in HUD properties. A fun fact is the HUD properties are loans that the government has backed up by agreeing to make a certain part of the payment if the home owner defaults. The hard part is learning how to go about getting these properties. A professional mentor has already learned how, so it’s a matter of listening and learning.

It’s best to check out different coaches to see which one best suits. The idea of having a mentor in real estate can be daunting but when you find the mentor to follow, learn everything you can because they can save you so much time and money in the long run.