The Successful Product Launch

May 8, 2014
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The Successful Product Launch

Ready to launch a new product? Don’t hand your baby off to a detail-oriented fact finder only to watch the project die at the board meeting. Wondering how to find out who can do the job and how to utilize your employee talent effectively? Before you move forward, invest your time in developing a workforce management strategy or test. These types of tests tell you what your employees can do, a personality test tells you what they want to do, and determines how they will perform the tasks you assign to them. It is an easy, thirty-six question test that takes 20 minutes to complete and can help you decide who will take the job and run with it.


For instance, you may find that the person you have in business development might be better-suited to operations. Questions on the test are simple, each one is designed to be answered according to what a person would naturally do, not what they’ve been assigned to do. Why risk the success of your endeavor and assign the product launch to someone who is not gifted in initiating new ideas and pushing them forward? When you are ready, take the next step to planning and implementation. Next, proceed with a productivity list and planning to see the project move from vision to clarity of purpose and action.

Ideas are just the beginning, the next issue your team will need to solve is who will buy your product, and how will you fix the problems that are an inevitable part of any launch? Another question to ask is what is your selling proposition and does the company currently sell products that are a sure fire cross-sell option for this new offering?

Action Points for the Product Launch
Strip the unnecessary out of the planning. Make sure all team members regularly access and update action points on the list. Each person has a task to complete, when completed it is checked off on the productivity list, in this way, work is not duplicated. Stay out of the way and let the pros do their job, the project will progress smoothly. Emphasize teamwork. Don’t throw money at the problem; rather solve it with effective research and resourcing.

Finally, take your product to market, distribution, sales and success.