Riverstone And Gallucio In Global Initiative

April 25, 2017
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Riverstone And Gallucio In Global Initiative

Riverstone Holdings and Miguel Gallucio are coming together on a new venture that will make them bigger players on the energy market. the energy market is growing every year, and these two major investors will begin to put their money in new energy that could grow the market around the world over the coming years. This article explains why the global partnership between the two is important for everyone who is concerned about the planet.

#1: The Partnership Focuses On New Energy

New energy is a major focus of the partnership, and they are looking at ways that wind and solar power may be used properly to help bolster the energy market. The energy market must be helped along by alternative energies, and there are many new fields of wind and solar power grids that will change how people receive their energy. Investing in something new will offer high profits, and it will ensure that the two are earning more for their clients.

#2: Their Partnership May Number In The Billions

The work that will be done between Miguel Gallucio and his partners at Riverstone Holdings including founders David Leuschen and Pierre Lapeyre could number in the billions, and they may enable a number of alternative energy businesses that will take the world by storm. They must get into the market now before it grows too much, and they prefer to help new companies that are attempting to offer better choices for the public.

#3: Mexico’s Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has a number of possibilities ready for investors who wish to invest, and the country may help alleviate concerns about the industry in other places. Mexico has not done much exploration in the past, and the partners will begin to funnel money to places where exploration will show the greatest profits.

#4: Large Energy Players Get Larger

Mr. Gallucio and the Riverstone Holdings team have worked together on other projects, but this is a major endeavor that will see them investing more money than ever in energy markets. They are looking at ways to become the largest stakeholders in the industry, and they may help the industry grow quite a lot with their singular collaboration.,

Mr. Gallucio and Riverstone Holdings are giving money back to the energy industry that has been their bread and butter for ages. They are helping a new market grow, and they will invest in the billions where needed.