Recruiting talent at the top level

January 19, 2016
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Recruiting talent at the top level

DC Executive recruiters have in the past successfully filled quite a number of prominent and high profile jobs in Washington DC. They provide excellent searching and eventual placement services to qualified job seekers in the Washington DC area. These Executive recruiters are highly skilled in their work and have an extensive experience in various industries which assist them in getting people the right jobs. They also have specialized knowledge in the recruiting circles and have built extensive networks that allow them to have a broad reach in the whole of Washington DC area. They are the best bet for anyone looking for a top tier executive position or a companies looking to hire only the best executives.

Why are their services necessary?

It is important to consider the various advantages associated with using the services of these DC executive recruiters. The executive recruiters understand that the DC area is a city that is fast-paced and one with numerous rising stars and they alone have the expertise to recruit the best. They keep excellent contacts in various different varieties of practice areas and industries that are present in the whole of the Metro area and even Mid-Atlantic region. They utilize their special skills and contacts to help companies and individuals get the most suitable candidate to fill their vacant positions. They provide their clients with consultative service that is thoughtful and in line with the company’s hiring needs and objectives.

Some of the Top DC Executive Recruiters

There are various top DC Executive recruiters like Nels Olson that are worth considering. They are;

Catherine L. Cargo – she is an Executive recruiter/ a consultant with the Healthcare Network in the Washington DC Metro area. She is well versed with the Hospital and Health Care sector.
Julian Ha – he is a Board Director of Propulsys and Public Affairs Council Board member and an Executive recruiter in Trade Associations and Government Affairs.
Raul Umanzor – He is currently an executive recruiter at the Ken Leiner Associates which is a search firm that works for technology companies that deal with online media in Washington DC Metro area.
Pete Leibman – he is a high performance coach who helps people create better careers as well as an executive recruiter who has been featured on CNN/CBS/Fox. He is based at Heidrick & amp.
Anne Weisskopf – she is an Account Manager/Executive recruiter at Verus Staffing Solutions where she deals in staffing and recruiting suitable candidates.
Stephen Johnson – he is based at Capital Search Group as an Executive recruiter in the Washington DC area.