Questions and Answers about Law

April 21, 2016
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Questions and Answers about Law

White collar law is no longer a simple matter of catching someone in the act of a crime. There are far too many finer points to review in a white collar case today, and Sean Hecker has been at the focal point of many of these cases. He represents people who have uncovered white collar crimes, and he represents people who have been accused of such crimes. He has worked on both sides of the table, and this article explains how he handles white collar law as it pertains to the SEC.

#1: The SEC Sets the Rules

SEC rules are very strict, and they apply to every business transaction that could possibly be made in any industry. The issue at-hand typically revolves around wrongdoing on a small scale, and many people do not know that they have been acting inappropriately. Computer errors, simple mistakes and mental lapses account for much of what Sean sees. Larger cases of fraud or wrongdoing require a more delicate touch.

#2: Reviewing Every Case Carefully

Sean reviews every case quite carefully before proceeding because there is no way to know the nature of the case without in-depth research. There are many cases a year that actually involve someone who has been framed for wrongdoing by someone else who has left quite a paper trail. Computers and forensic accounting records are often reviewed before these cases go forward, and Sean looks into the possible guilt or innocence of a client using such evidence. He must bring all the evidence to light, and clients are often not guilty.

#3: Cases Sometimes Take Years to Complete

Every case that crosses Sean’s desk is quite complex, and he does not act in a rash manner. He prefers to complete every case in a thorough fashion, and the courts could spend years on a case before it is resolved. The slow nature of white collar law allows both sides to do their homework, and it is quite likely that a settlement may be reached out of court before the case comes to trial.

Sean Hecker does incredible work as he looks into white collar crimes with his law firm. He ensures that every case is looked over with a fine-toothed comb, and he informs his clients of their rights in every case. A proper resolution is reached when Sean has had time to complete an exhaustive investigation of the facts at-hand.