Military Friendly Companies Based in Virginia

December 22, 2017
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Military Friendly Companies Based in Virginia

For those men an women who are currently in the military or who have served their tours and are looking to enter back into the civilian workforce many of them may be wondering where in the Virginia area they can find employment that are military friendly and appreciate and understand veterans.

Virginia has quite a few companies that cater to these individuals and the skillsets that were taught to them in the military; integrity, courage, leadership, and honor. For example, Virginia based company Ads Inc – – has a headquarters that is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and employs over 363 employees. The company has been noted as being a great place to work and has several fun and exciting perks available to its employees such as Super Awesome Parking and the annual Ad Inc. Warehouse Cookout. These perks, along with many more, help military personnel and veterans to feel as if they are working for a company that not only values them as an employee, but that also views each employee as a valuable asset. This can be just the positive push that employees who are transitioning into the workforce need to succeed.

Another Virginia based company that men and women with military backgrounds should consider is NuWave Solutions LLC – This IT-related company has several different major locations spread throughout the state of Virginia which makes it not only convenient for those military personnel that may be spread throughout the state to consider working for them, but they also have a very high employee satisfaction rate. Employees simply love working for this company. They are treated with respect and feel as if they are part of a team that has their back. Being part of a team like this is what many of these men and women are used to since they serve with others in the military and teamwork is integral to the success of their missions.

In these uncertain economic times, it is good to know that there are Virginia-based businesses that are there for military men and women who are looking to make their futures brighter by continuing to be challenged professionally. They can utilize the skills that they have honed protecting our country on the job at companies such as ADS Inc. and NuWave Solutions LLC to not only play a part in the success of the company, but also their own personal success, job stability, and advancement opportunities.