Launching a Career – Tips from the Best

August 17, 2016
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Launching a Career – Tips from the Best

Many small business entrepreneurs believe they can attain success by achieving work-life balance and overworking. Indeed, it is near impossible for entrepreneurs to achieve a perfect work–life balance because every accomplishment requires a different kind of pressure. For this reason, successful business leaders encourage work life integration. Integrating work and life successfully is the ingredient every entrepreneur needs to apply to stay on the path to success and enjoy life to the fullest. In a talk at Dartmouth, Riverstone’s David Leuschen offered advice to aspiring business professionals based on his work experience.

Studies have also shown that successful entrepreneurs hardly work around the clock. In fact, most of them ungrudgingly step away from work because they value their personal time. To achieve this harmony, you can create work free weekends or make it a point to spend your evenings with your family. Although successful business owners do not profess to have answers to questions, most of them have learned to cultivate strong bonds with their mentors and advisors. The other ingredients of business success include having a positive attitude and investing in the right people and technology.

Expert tips every entrepreneur needs to know to succeed in business:
1. Live on the edge – Many successful entrepreneurs have learned to live on the edge in order to learn and overcome the risks on the path to success. Living on the edge entails putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, learning from past mistakes, playing around with new ideas and continually trying to be innovative.

2. Show up – Investing in a career or business long enough can without an iota of doubt give you the smarts to learn more about the business and help you carve a niche for success. You easily do this by showing up and taking into consideration all deals and opportunities that knock on your door.

3. Spend time wisely – It has been said in many circles that time is the most important resource, even though it is limited. To make the best out of this limited resource, you need to learn how to schedule events and avoid spending too much time with people that add no value to your life.

4. Build a multi-generational professional network – Every high aspiring entrepreneur needs to have good communication skills in order to reach out to all generations of people, be it; the upcoming Generation Z’s, baby boomers, the millennials or Generation Xers. This is important because people in every generation thinks and operates differently when it comes to work and life issues.