Interviewing For a CEO Position

June 18, 2015
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Interviewing For a CEO Position

The position of CEO in any organization, especially Nels Olson requires a unique set of skills. This comes from the fact that one is both the face of the company and its leader. It is time to showcase your other skills. After all, your technical skills as reflected in your resume already got you the interview in the first place! The three distinctive qualities which interviewers are keen on are:


Being proficient in a given skill helps you rise up the corporate ladder. Nevertheless, being a competent manager enables one to maintain the position and cruise higher. How good are you at managing time? How well do you fair at handling new clients and managing existing ones? How well are you at inspiring and motivating others towards higher self-achievement in line with the organization’s vision? Being a CEO may make you the leader of a given company despite this, you are still an employee. This means that one has the duty to not only lead, but do so from the front.


The corporate world is so dynamic. What is profitable today may be a fad tomorrow. Being the leader of a company, the bulk rests on you to ensure that it remains profitable and afloat. During a CEO interview, interviewers will pose a hypothetical real-life situation. Based on the proficiency and articulacy one approaches and defends it, they will gauge one’s level of creativity. One should explore a wide range of options in order to satisfactorily answer them. For example, one could be asked on how the company can have a higher employee retention. Basing answers on financial incentives and higher pay does not really reflect on your creativity.

Personality Test

The type of person you are will mean a lot in terms of your suitability to become a company’s CEO. Your personality should match up to the role and company you will lead. The frequently asked question is; “Tell us something about yourself”. This is not the time to summarize your resume, rather it is a time to share experiences that add to your value as the company’s CEO. Be sure to remain composed and confident without coming off as arrogant and entitled. Remember that as CEO you will have to deal with a lot of people, so watch out how you behave and treat individuals in the waiting area. It too may be part of the interview!