How Are Real Estate Development Companies Building a Better Washington

February 7, 2017
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How Are Real Estate Development Companies Building a Better Washington

With such a colorful and intriguing history, Washington, D.C. real estate continues to boom with developers like Frank Haney who continue to enhance and restore properties within the metropolitan area. With a little elbow grease and perseverance, developers are helping to maintain and rebuild within the region.

New luxury homes within the District are becoming a magnet for celebrity residents. For instance, Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter, is looking to purchase a home in the area. Over the years, many celebrities have and continue to call Washington D.C. their home including, Mike Tyson, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Taylor, JFK and Frank Haney.

One such company that is transporting D.C. into the future is Urban Vibe Developers which is a real estate developing company who specializes in real estate within the D.C. metropolitan area. The company boasts an innovative style while being extremely passionate about the construction of their client’s structures with a goal of creating the best urban style and design. One of their best developments is a four-story historical mansion converted into luxury condos in DuPont Circle.

Another development company shaping the future of Washington real estate is Bogdan Builders. This award-winning company focuses on residential condos and single-family homes. Bogdan Builder is working to improve Washington communities through innovative real estate design.

Gilbane Construction Company has been diversifying D.C.’s economy through general contracting. Gilbane typically works with smaller, local businesses to help create partnerships in order to challenge industry standards. This helps to change the legal landscape of Washington’s real estate industry.

D.B Lee Development Company provides opportunities for consulting, investing, partnerships, purchasing and selling resulting in quality projects that have reasonable budgets. The projects are developed to have a positive impact on the surrounding neighborhoods while creating inspirational locations for businesses and residents alike.

Finally, Paladino and Company is a national development firm focused on sustainable and green buildings. Through efficient design, costs are minimized thus increasing profits and reducing their carbon footprint. The company is pioneering the effort to take on climate change challenges by exceeding all local and federal environmental mandates.

These five Washington D.C.-based firms are changing the economic, political and social landscape of the city through innovation, sustainability and relationship-building. Most cities need these types of developers to progress into the future.