Different services CEO’s use to find jobs

August 11, 2015
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Different services CEO’s use to find jobs

Competition in a congested metropolitan area such as Washington DC can be fierce for a stable and solid career, and Nels Olson placed CEO positions definitely fall into a category of high demand! In our modern, fast-paced world, traditional job search techniques such as newspaper want ads are often ineffective or outdated and not much assistance in locating employment. What are some options for CEOs to seek positions?

One popular option for CEO job hunting is the use of a “headhunting” or recruiting agency. Recruiting services of this nature specialize in contacts within the field and have heavy networking abilities to promote their clients to a wide variety of companies, thus providing the capability of finding a new job in a similar industry or branching out into an entirely new business or firm. Some of these agencies are also best able to assess the needs of their CEO clients since they have worked in the field themselves and therefore know how to efficiently market and interview for these kinds of jobs and who would be the best fit for a given position. Hence, this is a good option overall and is often the first and only option necessary for a CEO job hunt.

An additional and effective resource for CEO job hunting is using networking of their own. Social media such as LinkedIn can place a candidate within the click of a mouse to other connections who can quickly provide an “in” into a specific company, especially if one has friends, relatives or acquaintances with connections. Tapping into resources in this way can have almost immediate positive results!

A direct job search is also a solid option, especially if one is an entrepreneur or “go getter” in his or her own life. Sites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, and the like allow for a directed search using one’s own parameters such as job description or detail, location, and company name, so if there is a company of interest for a CEO or a match for that person’s talents and capabilities, it is a matter of simplicity to apply directly for an interview to the hiring manager or get in contact with others who work there too. This tool also puts the CEO himself or herself directly in charge of the search, whereas an option such as a recruiting firm relies more on the actions of others.

The above items are some of the more prevalent and popular options harnessed by CEOs to jump start and invigorate a successful job search within the DC Metro area!