Construction Contract Management of DC Government Property

January 11, 2016
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Construction Contract Management of DC Government Property

As the improving economy continues to boost the real estate industry and development demands increase, Washington DC is feeling the surge of redevelopment for this ever changing landscape. Today, green technologies are the foundation for the building industry influencing new construction and modernizing renovations in our Capital’s communities. Frank Haney and other Real estate developers in Washington DC are focused on government property development services, which includes property management, land brokerage, and construction projects.


The district’s mainstream real estate is occupied by government administrative offices, business agencies and services requiring specific design features serving public customers, constituents, and visitors. The development designs are more than just a physical construction assembly, these projects incorporate security venues and take into consider the administrative functions, workforce tasks and agendas that take place daily within these buildings.


The goals in this unique marketplace are to increase productivity, maximize the flexibility for future changes by leveraging technology, adding a measurable component to the Washington DC economic environment and its social settings. The building projects range from renovations to new development construction of hospitals, court buildings, education and training facilities, and housing developments for families and service troops.


Companies like Douglas Development Corporations and Clark Construction have accepted the challenges in today’s contemporary environment, adding their past experience from previous government development projects in the Washington area. These companies are using development strategies sustaining commitments to enhance the local landscape, while maintaining its historical values matching architectural design and budgets with high quality construction for government property development.


The future looks positive as the real estate forecast trends for government development in Washington DC are expected to rise from 2016 through 2017 as our country’s core business district shifts into full recovery. The 2016 projections anticipate the growing need for experienced property and construction management companies to support government development project planning already in place. As usual, the district’s guidelines for building development are linked to the function and economic measures supporting the business activities that happen in the thriving metropolis of Washington DC.