Choosing the Right Recruiter in DC

February 3, 2016
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Choosing the Right Recruiter in DC

If you are looking for the next potential job for your lustrous career path, it should be worth noting that are many executive recruiters in the Washington D.C. area for you to consider. These recruiters are trained individuals such as Nels Olson who are responsible for seeking out the highest quality workers available for their clients, and are known to be proven successful in connecting prospective individuals with successful positions to propel their career forward. It’s an easy way for job seekers to be recognized for a perfect career without having to apply for numerous jobs at a time, as these recruiters are experts in matching skills to job descriptions.

It’s important to choose the right recruiter as some may not fit your exact profile in terms of industry and client types. Lucas Group for example, is a recruiter that covers nine unique industries such as accounting, financing, legal, marketing, sales, and more. However, they do not cover industries such as engineering or governmental, so keep in mind that picking a recruiter out of a hat is not always effective.

Another agency to consider is JDG Associates out of Rockville, Maryland. Their agency has a more general focus, choosing between Private Sector, Associations, or Government. While they may not be as industry specific, it is likely that they are able to compare a larger pool of job seekers to a broader range of potential companies, regardless of the industry type. In any case, most recruiters will list their pool of clients, so that if there is a certain company in mind or a certain job type within a different industry, you can work with the recruiter to try to obtain employment at your desired location.

Executive recruiters in D.C. may also be part of a larger national or international firm, where they may be able to help you relocate to a new city or country. Korn Ferry for example, has nearly 25 offices in North America along, and so any current D.C. job seeker that wants to relocate, can work through the D.C. office who can work with their sister offices in different regions to help you find that next job that allows you to pick and move. Overall executive recruiters in D.C. are plentiful and highly resourceful, and can ultimately get you the job that is right for you.