CEO’s Who Give Back

April 19, 2016
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CEO’s Who Give Back

Giving back has always been associated with philanthropic characteristics by the Chief Executive Officers of different businesses that they run. They do that in from of donations, foundations and also a scholarship to either students or institutions.

David Leuschen of Riverstone

This entrepreneur is a humble man who was born and raised in Montana. After finishing school, he attended Dartmouth College. His philanthropic nature has been shown through his Switchback Ranch. He started developing the farm while working at Goldman Sachs as a partner. The ranch has been able to support many people and organizations since the David Leuschen Charitable Foundation was initiated to support the local students who wished to join Dartmouth and Tuck school of business where he got his education.

Lately, the foundation has expanded, and it is funding charities of high worth, organizations, and communities in Montana, Wyoming and other cities all over the country. Some of the organizations that he has been able to fund includes; Big Timber Montana Fire Department, Dartmouth College, Eagle Mount and other agencies that range from the fire station to hospitals and colleges.

Paul Allen, Microsoft

The entrepreneur can be termed as being a wider investor. He owns Sea Hawks & Blazers team, and he is an author, and he describes himself as the giver, investor and a neuroscience supporter. He is however commonly known for founding Microsoft a technology discovery that is being used widely. With all that, he has Paul G. Allen family foundation that oversees his giving back to the community. The organization is mostly active in the North Pacific regions where it nurtures the youth, funds arts, music, and education. He loves wildlife conservation and funds institutions that are dedicated to environment protection. His latest donation of $298n million to his foundation caps it all.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook

Mark, the tech billionaire, and his wife Priscilla Chan were named the youngest philanthropists in the America history. As a co-founder of Facebook that is connecting people in the world socially, he has been involved in many charities through the foundation. As a couple, they donated shares worth 18 million that valued at $ 1 billion to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The funds will be used in funding projects such as supplying schools with the internet across America, and he recently donated $75 million to the renamed Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.