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International Tourism is on the Rise

Drawing numerous guests from Brazil, South America and the United Kingdom, both resorts also should benefit from the new 2015 Florida Guide apps that Visit Florida will launch in English, Spanish and Portuguese, among other languages.

Which mobile data provider is best? (And will you make a switch)?

What do you use a smartphone for most? For its data, of course. So we set out for the second year in a row to find out which mobile service provider gives you the most comprehensive and reliable data network coverage, the fastest upload and download speeds, and overall, the most bang for the buck.

Alibaba’s Woes in China Could Spread to the U.S.

The company has fired back by filing a complaint against the regulator. Via Alizila (the group's communications arm), Vice Chairman Joe Tsai yesterday assailed what he called "inaccurate & unfair attacks against us."

Uber Restarts in New Delhi

If granted a license, Uber will be regulated under the same set of rules as taxi companies. Uber has long argued that it is a technology company, not a car service or taxi operator, and should be regulated as such.

Lawsuits against Sony Pictures could test employer responsibility for data breaches

"For decades, [Sony] failed, and continues to fail, to take the reasonably necessary actions to provide a sufficient level of IT security to reasonably secure its employees' [personal information]," according to the class action lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in California by San Francisco-based Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP.

Entrepreneurs Find Success in Detroit

It’s a scene that fits most people’s image of Silicon Valley, not the Motor City: young engineers taking a break with a ping pong game, a business meeting in bean bag chairs, and rows and rows of 20-somethings intently studying computer code on screens. The setting is two floors of downtown Detroit’s Madison Building, which was built in 1917 — just four years after ...
The Future of Big Data

The Future of Big Data

Big Data, to put it simply, is the enormous amount of information, created and collected from various sources. Daily, Exabyte’s of information is created and this information collected. In turn, it is analyzed to develop secondary data on trends
Decline in Samsung Smartphones Sales

Decline in Samsung Smartphones Sales

Smartphones are the latest trend in handheld devices these days. Blackberry could be considered to be one of the pioneer smartphones. There was a time that every busy executives and business owners depended on this device for the day to day navigation of their corporate lives. But since then improved and better high end phones have been introduced. A few companies have been lucky to have an ...