Are Computers Replacing Employees?

April 29, 2014
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Are Computers Replacing Employees?

Are Computers Replacing Employees?

The trend has started and no one knows where it will end. Employees are being replaced with machines in virtually every sector and industry. The jobs that are being lost are disappearing in droves and it is happening all over the globe.

Even though corporate giants are telling everyone that these are short-term adjustments, this global direction is speeding ahead along the same trends. In a world that has unprecedented material abundance, 2 million jobs are still be lost on annual basis. As these jobs appear to be lost forever, there is still a need for low paying jobs so people will end up in underemployment statuses.

As the innovations in an industrialized world become more advanced, cheap labor seems to be the main theme of the day. Therefore, for small and large companies that want to remain relevant as well as competitive, they are always striving to trim the fat in their organizations by promoting cost efficiency, quality control, and speed of delivery to reduce headcount. While the numbers that have been reported are already staggering to even imagine, recent surveys are only reflecting five percent of the corporations implementing the innovations in their cultures. Which means, the transition that is left to come will also have a major impact of wiping out significant amounts of employee job positions.

According to the prospects for the future, there will be no more farmers, no more factory workers and no more service workers in the future. As the impact of automation aggressively rolls over these and other jobs, it’s not stopping even when it comes to eliminating white collar workers. As the machines that are being developed are being designed to be ‘thinking machines,’ the hope for these types of jobs (i.e. analysts, specialists, management) are also looking bleak. So, people who want to be prepared for the future will need to know where the trends are going before everyone arrives there.

Are computers replacing employees? The answer to this question is distinct. As people begin to look around in their local cities and abroad, there are employees all over the world being let go. The projections for the future are also dim. So, the answer to this question is yes since there will be millions more that will be lost. From losing employees in factories to whole farms shutting down their operations, there appears to be no stability for anyone.