5 Popular Executive Head Hunters

December 3, 2015
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5 Popular Executive Head Hunters

When looking for employment one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use the services of Nels Olson professional head hunters. A head hunter is a company that specializes in recruiting and helping executives get a job at a company. Due to the many sources and connections head hunters have this is usually the ideal way for executives to find and get the ideal job. Like a number of other companies, there are a number of head hunters that are well known and that also use certain methods to get executives hired. With the help of an executive head hunter, executives will have a great source to use in order to advance their career.

The most popular head hunters include Kon Ferry International, Spencer Stuart, Heidrick & Struggles, Russell Reynolds and DHR International. Some of these firms represent some of the largest companies in the world such as Disney, The Gap, Coca Cola and Motorola. With these connections, the head hunter firms can link executives to some of the best jobs available in the market. These firms work closely with top executives as well as hiring managers at these major companies to get the two parties connected for a job opportunity.

Head Hunters use a variety of ways to find and promote executives. First, head hunters place ads on the internet and also send out representatives to hiring events to look for executives looking for work. With internet ads, the head hunter will usually display a job opening for a position such as Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and Director of Finance. An executive will usually submit their resume and if they look to possess the necessary qualifications, the head hunter will contact them and arrange an interview. At hiring events the head hunter will usually speak with executives and tell them about the opportunities available and ask for their resume and a time to meet for an interview.

For head hunters looking to hire executives they use a number of local and internet resources to achieve this objective. They will usually contact local companies and ask them if they are hiring for executive positions. If a company is hiring for executive positions then the head hunter will agree to find them the type of candidate they are looking for. Head hunters will usually use the internet by advertising to companies about recruitment services and that they can help a company find their next top executive.