Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tax Breaks for Venture Capital Companies

Venture capital companies that invest in small businesses make their investments for the sake of making more money, and the venture capital derive their income from the dividends they receive from their investment partners. The venture capital companies that are making investments in the New Year can make investments under a program that will offer them tax breaks that will help them at the ...

Lovin’ Goes Only So Far as McDonald’s Sales Slide Again

From ABC News: McDonald’s says global sales declined again in February, including a 4 percent drop in the U.S. where it is fighting to reinvigorate its image. The world’s biggest hamburger chain has been struggling to hold onto customers amid shifting tastes and intensifying competition, including a slew of places that position themselves as more wholesome alternatives. In a ...

Interviewing For a CEO Position

The position of CEO in any organization, especially Nels Olson requires a unique set of skills. This comes from the fact that one is both the face of the company and its leader. It is time to showcase your other skills.